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Browse our listings, post ratings and reviews. Here's your chance to support black businesses in your area. When you support black businesses, you are making an investment in our communities. Our belief is economic empowerment is the way to financial independence. Search through our listings to find a black own business in your area.


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At Black Bizz Directory, we do more than just list your business. We are so committed to supporting black businesses, that we will even help promote your business on all of our social media sites. Just let us know of any upcoming sales or events, and we will be sure to post it.


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Get a complimentary 3 night hotel stay when you add your business. For a limited time, we are authorized to give out complimentary travel certificates for discounted hotel stay at over 50 locations across the US. Just add your business and email us your business name. Once confirmed we will email your certificate with instructions on how to redeem. Sign up your business today for free to take advantage of this limited offer.


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Add your business to get more exposure. People want to support black businesses but they may not know what businesses are black owned. By adding your business to our directory, your business can potentially be seen by thousands. Customers will be able to post reviews and ratings. The better the reviews, the more potential customers. Sign up today for free!


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Black Bizz Directory is a business directory that lists black owned businesses as well as provide ratings and reviews. Our business directory easily allows customers to connect with and support black businesses. We believe the road to equality is through economic independence. Let's start supporting each other and help make our community stronger